Engineers Corporation New Delhi, India has been engaged in the restoration and servicing of antique and special interest automobiles since 1969. As the name implies, it has been restoring and creating spares that are not available or are hard to get within the outfit. Vast majority of classic and vintage cars like Bentleys, Rolls P-1 and P-2, number of Jaguars 'S' Type,Mk X. Mk ll, the only surviving Supercharged 6.8 litre Mercedes Benz, 1909 three wheeled Morgan and a Willys overland, number of pre World War2 Benzes, Chevrolets, Ford V8’s and not forgetting the newer and more modern Classic cars as well, have been restored and won prizes and other laurels at International and National level get to gathers and rallies.

While there are many options available for the vintage & classic vehicles restoration but with almost five & a half decades of practical floor-shop experience of restoration/ feedback, plus adding the experience gained in building, Rally Winning cars & likewise winning multiple times & being the first Indian in in one of the World’s Toughest Motorsport events The Himalayan Rallies of the eighties, have fine tuned the art of restoring these vehicles and assures the owners of these vehicles of perfect performance even after a longer period of storage. These yester year vehicles when they were designed almost a century  back did not face such heavy traffic conditions as they are presently. Majority of roads were straight without any stop lights with the result, in the present conditions they tend to overheat, poor braking system, no power brakes, no power steering and many other additional features as in modern vehicles are missing. Hence driving in present day conditions it's tough to maneuver.
We have specialised over the years to make these vehicles reliable, use them without fear of breakdown by upgrading the mechanical technology thereby keeping the originality of the vehicle to its original design and concept so that they can enter exhibition and competition and yet vie for the podium finish. We have the capability of using modern technologies in upgrading the cooling system to Electric Cooling, installing an electronic ignition system, upgrading the braking system by adding power brakes, for comfort even add an airconditioner in some cases, giving a smoother and easier to manoeuver power steering system and many other features like a submersible electric fuel pump, an alternator instead of the traditional Dynamo to assist in running the vehicles with confidence and pleasure. Good to go anywhere anytime.

Now occupying two work areas one in south of New Delhi in India and another in the adjoining suburbs Noida. complete in-house, efficient facilities for all aspects of restoration from machine shop, coach and paint shop, and woodworking shop, to efficiently restore the earliest classics to the latest in special interest cars.

We offer the following services among others:
• Engine Rebuilding
• Structural Woodworking
• Metal Fabrication
• Auto Body and Collision Repair
• Custom Painting
• Mechanical Systems Service
• Preventative and Seasonal Maintenance
• Major or Partial Restorations

Restoring & Servicing All Classic, Antique, and Special Interest Automobiles
100% of our restorations have finished on the Podium-- Which means a lot to us and the Vehicle Owner. 
  • Morgan Sports car
  • The Willys Overland
  • Beetle Re-Build